How to Fly Safely with a History of Blood Clots

Man Wearing Medical Compression Stockings With the world finally opening up again, we see more and more people excited to start traveling once again. The last few years have given us all plenty of time to plan and daydream about the places we want to go, and it’s finally time to fly out and enjoy it.

But we also see plenty of patients with a history of blood clots and a family history of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) who might not understand the risk.

If this sounds like you, the following tips can help you prevent a fatal pulmonary embolism.

  • Avoid Flying If Possible

Airplanes pose a big threat for patients with DVT. The rapid shifts in direction, altitude, atmospheric pressure, and speed can dislodge hard-to-detect clots in the legs and send them flying toward the lungs—a possibly-fatal pulmonary embolism.

While relatively rare, your risk rises dramatically with your history of blood clots. If possible, use methods other than flying to reach your destination.

  • Take a bus or train, rent an RV, or make it a road trip!

If You Need To Fly, Try These

But overseas vacations can’t be driven…and sometimes, long hours in the car can be just as dangerous as flying for people with the highest risk.

So if flight is the only option, give these tips a try to minimize your risk.

  • Wear Compression Stockings

Medical-grade compression stockings constrict your veins just enough to pump blood efficiently and reduce the effects of changing in air pressure as you travel.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

This solution is great for your health in general, but staying hydrated mitigates DVT in particular and helps avoid worsening clots.

  • Get Up and Stretch

What’s the best thing to do for circulation? Moving around! Whether you not you manage to swing a window seat, getting up to go to the bathroom and stretch your legs goes a long way towards improving your circulation.

  • Talk to Your Doctor

If you believe you might be suffering from DVT, the best solution is to know for sure before you fly.

Contact Dr. Lucy Sun at 888-211-3799 to set up an appointment at our Dallas, TX office to get the piece of mind you need.

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